Church of Christ 1830 Temple Lot

Print Publications

The Church of Christ provides a variety of books that are available for purchase, and short pamphlets that are available free of charge. Below is a list of books that are available for puchase. To order books or pamphlets, simply click on the link to the Order Form below. This link will open a new window in you browser which will be a form that can be filled out, printed and mailed with your payment to the Church of Christ Visitor's Center.

Some of our publications are also available as a free download. These can be found on the Downloads page under Resources above.

Both the Order Form and the free downloads require a PDF viewer on your computer. If you do not have the PDF viewer, click here to download the latest version. 



List of Books

  • Zion’s Advocate Subscription Rate Members (optional)

  • Zion’s Advocate Subscription Rate Non-Members

  • Babylon’s Fall and the Way of Escape

  • Book of Commandments (plastic bound)

  • Book of Commandments Controversy Reviewed

  • Book of Mormon (1990 Independence Edition-Plastic)

  • Book of Mormon (1990 Independence Edition-Leatherette)

  • Book of Mormon Companion, A (plastic)

  • Book of Mormon Companion, A (hard bound)

  • Book of Mormon Concordance

  • Changing of the Revelations

  • Libro De Mormon (Spanish)

  • Marvelous Work and a Wonder, A, by Daniel MacGregor

  • Outline History of the Church of Christ

  • Temple Lot Deed

  • What the Restoration Teaches Concerning God

  • Zion’s Hymnal (members)

  • Zion’s Hymnal (non-members)